Private service


We work in Lavandou and its suburbs to evaluate your needs and duration which is necessary for each service. Like this we could make a free estimate and after we could start to work just after your call.


Permanent home

  • We make the full cleaning of your house, occasional or regularly.
  • Cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, toilets.
  • Cleaning of the floor.
  • Cleaning of the windows.
  • Ironing of laundry.
  • High pressure cleaning of the verandas.
  • Pool maintenance.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • Export of large sized things In all other cases contact us.


Vacation house

If you have a vacation house, we could make full cleaning and arrange everything to prepare your arrival.

  • Preparation and cleaning of outdoor space.
  • Cleaning of indoor space: kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, windows, wardrobes, syphons, preparation of the rooms.
  • Turning-on of heating and air conditioner.
  • Maintenance and wintering pool.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • Management (shopping before your arrival, dry-cleaning)
  • Doing the laundry.
  • Carsharing for your arrival.
  • Washing of the transport.
  • We could make a planning for a year to keep the dates to guard your house. Control visit every two months (break-in, seepage, current interrupting, parasites) Getting and resending of letters .
  • In the case of tempest visit in the same day, control and report by e-mail if it's necessary.
  • Check the counter .
  • Convoy of your transport for a control (car, motobike)
  • Start of your transport two times in a month.
  • Control the works (contacting with the third parties/firms)


Season location

  • Condition of the place and cleaning before each renter.
  • Keys delivery to the arrived persones.
  • Coming in the urgent cases.


Cleaning at the end of construction project.

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